Application Name: Game Dev Story
Current Version: 1.1.1
Itunes Url:

What does this hack have?
$98,685,183.0k - CASH!

What tool is needed?

1. Install the Game (make sure it is not running in multitask)
3. Download the save game file at Game Dev Story v1.1.1
4. Install iFunBox
5. Open iFunBox goto UserApplications / gm08fw2e (game dev logo) /Library /Preferences and then right click com.kairosoft.gm08E.plist it should be the third one, "Copy To Pc" (Save to make backup)
6. Place the new com.kairosoft.gm08E.plist inside directory /gm08fw2e (game dev logo) /Library /Preferences
7. Open the game again and enjoy!

Note: I didn't max and buy eveything out so that you could enjoy the game fresh like new one!

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